Wedding Checklist

Here are major things to be considered as wedding checklist in Nepal. Please add more to comment section if any of you are familiar to wedding details back home.

1) Fix  Venue based on number of guests for both wedding and reception day.

2) Fix food Items  3) Fix Liquor/drinks and soup items.

4) Fix Decorator/decoration stuff for both venues.

5) Appoint photographer for wedding/reception/pre shot and post shot photography

6) Arrange wedding invitation cards for both groom and bride side

7) Distribute wedding invitation cards at least one week prior to wedding days.

8) Arrange transportation (groom/bride car, guest bus/car/jeep) for the wedding day.

9) Arrange transportation (groom/bride car, guest bus/car/jeep) for the reception day.

10) Locker room to manage guest bags/belongings so that nobody's stuff is mispalced.

11) Order Jewelleries so deleiveries is done one week prior to wedding day.

12) Arrange make up personals/beautician for both bride and groom for reception/wedding/preshot/postshot.

13) Arrange make up personals/beautician for additional family members for reception and wedding.

14) Arrange all ritual stuffs and belongings for all pujas one week prior to wedding day.

15) Appoint Priest/Pujari long before wedding days and get list of all items to be purchased for all pujas.

16) Have all dressings ready for bride/groom and all family members 4/5 days prior to wedding day.

17) Have plenty of cash/ all amount currencies ready for Pujas. Have at least 100-200 envelope ready with different amount enclosed and marked.

18) Buy all gift items for guest/family members and named them on outer side of the packing baggage.

19) Have hotels room booked for any guest attending from out of town.

20) Book Baja team one month prior to the wedding day.

21) Have clear information of direction/routing from groom's house to bride house before wedding day.

22) Make a rough idea of total amount to be spent for the whole event that goes for 2-3 days.

23) Catering guest for wedding and reception day is good idea. This will save lot of kitchen times.

24) At least 2 person should have clear information of lugagges/clothings/jewellleries that will be taken from groom house to bride's place.

25) Have 5-10 envelope enclosed cash money during wedding day.

26) Guest locker room is a good idea to save valuable during reception day.

27) Try avoiding tikas for groom/bride during reception. It will save lot of greetings time and pictures are always good without tikas.

28) Make travel arrangements to secure safety of all guest once reception is over.

29) Keep good track of all fooding station in reception/wedding venues. Each additional plate cost $15+.

30) Decide a proper venue for pre/post wedding photoshoot.

31) Arrange gifts/Sweets/Rotis fruits for family visit once wedding is over. This should be around 15-20 families based on how big the family is.

32) Arrange for all decoration in bride and groom house. It includes everything related to decoration.

33) ETC.

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Awesome post Pukar bro.. Exactly what i needed. Few question of you don't mind answering.. 

1.. What was you total cost? I know it depend on number of factors but on average Joe much does it cost.

2. What are the thing you think are not worth it that you spent money on?

Posted on: 4 Month ago

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   kurakani, nepali forum, nepali discussion, nepali news
kurakani, nepali forum, nepali discussion, nepali news

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