Not A Single Leader

I haven't seen a single leader that loves my motherland Nepal. Mention if you like any politician and why. Please don't say kp oli , sher bahadur or prachanda. Bullshit arse leaders..

KP Oli is one of the best political leader in Nepal.. All others are bull shit. KP Oli can lead nepal to right direction that he started when he was president.  He is the only one who does not give a fuck about India and Modi

Posted on: 8 Month ago
Posted on: 8 Month ago

sale sauji badi bolis. I don't question about what you think so don't interfare on my belief dude. Stop the bullcrap.. Badi nabol.. 

Posted on: 8 Month ago

Right now I think the communist parties are becoming one, which is a good thing as this centralizes the parties that are moving with the similar agendas and have similar beliefs. if this is not a election winning startegy.

The democtaric parties need to come together as one.

The liberal ones sound like the bibekshil shajha party. the leaders on that like Ujjwal Thapa, Rabindra Mishra, Ranju Darshana sound like they are the ones that are going to give nepalese people some political stability.

Posted on: 6 Month ago

baburam jiu ko new party ni aako thiyo...feri milecha...tesma ni koi dimag bhaka aauchan ki bhanthanya thiye.........


Aaile lai mero vote chai bibekshil sajha lai.....

KP ba manche ramrai thiye...tara party le gunda lai neta banauna thale pachi ...kasari bhar ganru k,

Posted on: 6 Month ago

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