Why can't girls approach a guy first rather than expecting guys to do it first? Please don't be offended since I'm taking about majority of the girls out there in Nepal.

Well there was this one girl who sent me a friend request on Facebook out of nowhere. And, I tried to find out about her if she even existed in real at first since I don't accept friend request from strangers. She was a mutual friend with my mom and looked the same as my age. So, I asked my mom who she was. My mom told me that she was the daughter of my dad's friend. So, I accepted her request after that. She was cute and all but I didn't want to message her since I rarely use facebook and didn't want anything to do with her. Let's just say I ceased to notice.

I don't know after a month or so she sent me a friend request again with the same(or different) account. And, I was confused because I already did accept her before. Then I guessed she must have deactivated her account or maybe unfriended me and again sent me the request. I accepted her request again.

But, this time too I didn't care much. I enjoy my own company most in real life and don't care about much about others or maybe fail to notice most of the times. This was weird so this stayed engraved in my mind. I used to be interested more in girls before but I am less interested in girls nowadays because I'm focused in my work and study most of the times. But, if someone approaches I might give it a chance but still unsure.

So, my question is instead of showing this weird ninja technique to make me notice her. She just should have sent me a "Hi" or something to kickstart the conversation if she was interested at all. Btw, she unfriended me again after few weeks I think or maybe deactivated her account, I don't know about facebook much.

Maybe its all in my mind. And, she wasn't interested in me at all and maybe this was just a random thing. I just shared this because the act felt really weird from the other side.

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