Cyberattack hits Nepal Government Websites

A year after the serious cyber-attack that struck nearly 58 government departments, Nepal again fell prey to international hackers in the last week of September 2018.

In a latest move, a hacker (suspected to be operating) from Indonesia has reportedly hacked the country’s only international airport’s, the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), official website on September 28, 2018, resulting in its shutdown continuously for two working days.

However, the site was finally restored on September 30, 2018.

At around 1.32 PM on September 28, 2018, the hacker took onto the social networking site to announce that the site was hacked.

He posted “Tribhuvan International Airport Hacked!” a status message along with a weblink, redirecting to the airport’s official site, attached to the account named ‘Typical Idiot Security’.

Besides TIA, Public Service Commission was another government department that witnessed the jolt in the last week.

The latest incident questions the security robustness of Nepal’s government websites that were upgraded in 2017 after a similar attack on nearly 58 government departments, which also resulted in formation of a three-member panel to address the scenario.

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Nepal ka neta haru lai comouter chalauna pani audaina hola, cyber attack bhaneko k ko taha hunu paryo ni.
Posted on: 10 Month ago

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   kurakani, nepali forum, nepali discussion, nepali news
kurakani, nepali forum, nepali discussion, nepali news

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