Is all the hype for NRNA election justifiable ?

NRNA is taking over my facebook wall for some time now. People asking for vote, people sharing their favorite candidate and people asking for not to vote some candidate.

Also we saw some ugly politics with Gauri Joshi. Is it worthwhile to waste time on these kind of politics here in USA. Why cant Neplasese learn to support good people rather than people they know. 

I am glad election will be over soon and it all will rest on peace


Agreed!  There is too much division among such a small community.  There are only a few Nepali in the United States to begin with.  It should be important to promote the candidate that will bring awareness of the community, empower Nepalis and bring general betterment.

It should definitely NOT be someone who got there because of vote rigging.

I always tell my kids that  INDIFFERENCE is worse than IGNORANCE.

If you vote for a candidate because you JUST DON'T CARE! then shame on you because you will get what you deserve and didn't take time to make a proper choice for.

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All bs people supporting bs election. Kei kam china yo haru.

aile samma k help garyo nepali lai?

khate haru!


Posted on: 2 m 1 w 2 d 16 h 28 m ago

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