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Anyone have a contact of a Pujari/P...

Hi all,  I need a contact of a pujari who can answer my few questions about the wedding date.  Phone numbber of email will be great. 


3 days ago

Room available for one person- Memp...

One room is available for a single person in 2 bed/ 2 bath apartment. We are a family of three members, Looking for a professional male or female who has les...


1 week ago

Room needed

Hi All, I’m looking for a room for myself to stay around Irvine, California. Please let me know if anyone is renting a room near that area, thank you. ...


2 weeks ago

9,000 Nepalis face deportation as T...

The Department of Homeland Security is preparing to cancel the temporary residency permits of about 9,000 immigrants from Nepal, the Trump ...


2 months ago
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Money Transfer

Cheapest way to legally send money to Nepal using transferwise. It is far cheaper than western union money grams compare and check yourself at their w...


3 months ago

India hikes financial Aid by 73% an...

  Mahakali Treaty signed on 1996 says 50% of the electricity produced at Pancheswar Project will be given to Nepal but project has not even started a...


3 months ago

अब नोट पनि चल्ने, भोट पनि चल्ने!!!...

बिदेशबाट भोटिङ गर्न पाइदैन, सकिदैन, मिल्दैन भन्ने पुरातनबादी र नकारात्मक सोचको अन्त्य भएको छ । श्रीमान सपना प्रधान मल्ल र पुरुशोत्तम भण्डारीको ऐतिहाशिक निर्ण...


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4 months ago

25 Best Motivational Quotes From St...

1."God is the name people give to the reason we are here."2."God may exist, but science can explain the universe without the need for a creator."3."H...


4 months ago

जाउँ कुनै सुनसान एकान्त ठाउँ जाउँ न...

केटा : जाउँ कुनै सुनसान एकान्त ठाउँ जाउँ नकेटी : तिमी यस्तो उस्तो हरकत त गर्दैनौ नि?केटा : कदापी पनि गदिन...


4 months ago


  US ma f1 student le ssn chalayera campus bahira kaam garnu ra uber garnu  aeutai ho ra? Tapai student haru madhey kasaile Uber gardai chan bhane, please sh...


4 months ago

देउवा भारतको गुलाम भएको भन्दै पाकिस...

दुई दिने नेपाल भ्रमणमा आज काठमाडौं आईपुगेका पाकिस्तानी प्रधानमन्त्री साहिद खक्कान अब्बासले नेपाली कांग्रेसका सभापति शेरबहादुर देउवालाई नभेट्ने बुझिएको छ।देउ...


4 months ago

Liquior Licence

Any idea if greencard holders or TPS holders, work permit holders can apply for Liquior Licence for store? Or its allowed for citizen only.  


4 months ago

Benefit from close relation from Ch...

looks like Nepal will benefit more from good relations with China than with India. Why are  we still   treating India as our godfather? 


4 months ago

Best city to live in Nepal?