To post anything you need to register and create your account first. After you create your account follow the steps below.

  1. Visit our homepage.
  2. Click on Post Your Need
  3. Select your Category.
  4. Select your Sub Category.
  5. Click on Next.
  6. Fill the form and submit the form.

To register or create account click here and then submit the registration form. After successful submission you will get account activation email. Click on the link provided in the email and your account will be activated.

You have options to make your post free or paid when you post you ads.

Paid ads will be featured and will be listed in the top of the list.

All the post will be immediately shown on the site.

To see you post go to the category section and search based on sub category or location. Most recent post are shown above older post but below featured (paid) posts.

We only accepts paypal account at this time.

Yes we will send the email confirmations and you will also get the invoice from paypal account.

All the post are free unless you want to make it feature post. Please contact us regarding post costs.

Please contact us regarding post costs.

Your post will be in the site until deleted or removed.

You can manage your post from you account profile.

You can email or call (if provided) or message through the site.

People can message you from the site and you can access the message from your can also be contacted by email or phone if available in the post.

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