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Hello Dazzling Soul,

Abundance - A word which means a lot to all of us. We as human beings want abundance in everything. However, are we all living in abundance? Why abundance is limited with only few people? Is abundance all about having a lot of money?

Abundance is an attitude. It's birth right of every single individual. Abundance is not limited to having a lot of money. Abundance is extended towards having opportunity, health, wealth, joy and happiness. And we as human beings holds unlimited power to attain anything that we probably want to attain. 

If you need a lift on the ladder of life, then welcome to our world. We are so passionate about Stimulating Abundance In Your Life, through our world  training, "Explore the Secret to Ultimate Abundance" on the 18th July 2017 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

A Master Class Hypnotic Training to discover the secrets of wealth and how to attract abundance into your life. 

Become a magnet to attract opportunities, money, wealth and joy. It's going to be exciting, fun and exhilarating. Everyday you will begin to discover more abundance in your life. 

he beauty of this workshop! You’ll start to receive what 'YOU' want ! and know the answer to the crucial question "Why So Few Of Us Succeed In Life And How You Can"

This 3 Hrs Workshop will discuss the secrets of How to : 

• Clear your emotional blockages to abundance 
• Open the doors to your financial freedom 
• Achieve your own personal vision of abundance

It truly is a wonderful process so take your first step today and get on the fast track to manifest your desires. 

Your investment to life long abundance would only be 3 Hrs of your time and USD 55.

We look forward for participation / nomination from your end for this impeccable training session.

Kindly visit to register.

Thanks and Regards,

Event Start Date: 2017-07-18


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