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05 June, 2017

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Business Details: Traditional Nepalese dishes prepared by a Kathmandu-trained chef & served in a little space.

Name: Little Nepal

Location:Bay Area

Business Address: 925 Cortland Ave San Francisco, CA 94110

Address: 925 Cortland Ave San Francisco, CA 94110


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Namaste, Welcome to LittleNepal

The Nepalese cuisine tends to reflect the unique geographical position of Nepal, which is wedged between India to the South and Tibet to the North.

Their contrasting influences create a complex Nepali cultural synthesis, which manifests itself also in the lively interaction of the remarkably diverse Nepali ethnic groups and religious traditions.

Likewise its cuisine is influenced by both the dishes from the Indian planes and the exotic specialities of the high Himalays. But it reflects also the diversity and the spirit of Nepal in the variety and the balance of its gastronomical offerings (somewhat fiery at times, but with various degrees of milder components).

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