King of Spicy

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02 September, 2017

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Business Details: Nepali Cuisine

Name: Sam


Business Address: 5546 Albemarle Rd. Charlotte NC 28212



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Poster Name: Sam

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King of Spicy Restaurant

*Our dishes are bursting with the flavors of Nepal and India; we grind fresh and high quality of Spices

*We use farm fresh vegetables, high quality of meat and poultry.

* Our chef has over 18 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry.



King of Spicy Banquet




King of spicy has everything you need and more to make your next event special. If you're looking for inside catering, our friendly service, and relaxed banquet atmosphere will contribute to a fantastic evening.


We have available space (up to 150) guests for parties, showers, and corporate functions. If you're seeking off-site catering, we do that too.


Wherever you want, we can provide our absolutely delicious extensive catering menu - a menu that will truly cater to your needs.

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