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04 June, 2017

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SiliconHire  LLC is a Talent Acquisition Solutions Silicon Valley Start-Up, engaged in development of Career Advancement Mobile Apps, Web Apps & Software Solutions. We are also engaged in Software Development, Programming, Quality Assurance and Compliance Consulting to direct clients and third party through Top Tier vendors.

Founded in 2012, SiliconHire has partnered with leading Silicon Valley Information Technology and Healthcare clients, to provide top-notch Talent Management Solutions and Services. In 2015, SiliconHire transformed its business model to Talent Acquisitions Solutions Provider.  Since 2015, SiliconHire has been developing the following Tools and Technologies that help talents secure optimum career advantage and help employers secure the best talents available in the industry. SiliconHire aims to become the only robust Total Talent Acquisition Solutions Provider, with its strategic presence in the Silicon Valley.

SiliconHire is based in the Silicon Valley, serving leading technology and healthcare domains. We pride ourselves on solid understanding of the dynamic talent requirements of the Silicon Valley and focus on tailored needs of our clients. SiliconHire provides talent solutions to clients in multiple verticals including, but not limited to Software, Applications Development, Semiconductors, Solar, Healthcare Innovations. SiliconHire has developed a targeted talent hunt process, which can be utilized by any industry.

SiliconHire also provides hiring and recruitment solutions through its unique Hiring Software Suite of Applications, that can be customized, enhanced and built according to multiple clientele. SiliconHire is constantly developing multiple line of hiring solutions to match the dynamic market. These applications are built in various platforms including CSS, HTML, PhP, PEGA, .Net.

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